Camp Nanowrimo at the Cottage

IMG_2574July is Camp Nanowrimo month and I am at my cottage in the woods. This would seem to be an ideal setting for concentration, especially on a day like today which is cool and rainy so I am less tempted by distractions like canoeing or swimming in the lake. The fact that I am still struggling to concentrate is due to lack of discipline and possibly lack of confidence in the plot I have so far. I seem to be spending more time thinking about the whys of my plot than just moving ahead with the action. I need to remember that the first draft is the vision quest, not the final polished version. I need to give myself permission to fail or at least be less than perfect.  I’m looking forward to the arrival of my daughter and writing partner. Two heads ARE better than one! Besides, she is a great cheerleader and always remembers to “fluff my aura”. The delightfully distracting grandchildren have been signed up for two full day camp experiences so we can concentrate on plodding (or plotting) ahead.


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