Tools we can’t live without.

Scrivener is Christine’s favorite tool. This writing software from the brilliant folks at Literature and Latte provides both structure and freedom for writers. My favorite function is being able to move scenes around on a corkboard. You can also embed photos of your main characters, locations for scenes, key props, etc. There are many tutorials on the Literature and Latte website. If you want more ideas for how to use it, check out Youtube or even Pinterest. Check Scrivener out at

Google Docs is how we collaborate. We can even write simultaneously. We use different colored fonts to keep straight who said what. Skype and phone conferences can sort out whose opinion will prevail when we want conflicting edits. Don’t be afraid to post your masterpiece on the web. You control who has access to your documents,

Dropbox could save your documents from disappearing into the ether if your computer crashes. Perish the thought!! Back up, back up, back up. I know, I don’t always do it either.

Evernote is your extra brain/memory. Store links to your critical research discoveries here. Try it, you’ll like it.



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